Waste Collection and Recycling Services

Waste Management is not the core competence of your firm or municipality. We at WestAfricaENRG apply the highest safety and environmental standards to the treatment of solid waste. For you it is often time-consuming and costly, not to mention exposing your company to major environmental and reputational risks. Our customers have peace of mind that partnering with us allows them to save money and focus on the critical parts of their business and customers.

Environmental Sustainability

We know Environmental Sustainability. Providing a clean environment for people and business, not only increases attractiveness as living space but also for business investment. We live sustainability daily working to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill, through recycling, reusing and reducing. WestAfricaENRG is the only company in West Africa providing solutions to close the resource gap truly driving the circular economy.


Our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is where the valuable fraction collected from municipal solid waste (MSW) is sorted into its different types (e.g. plastics, cardboard, paper, metal) using a mixture of manual and automated processes. When the materials have been sorted they are sent to reprocessors and manufacturers where they are used to create new products. Please contact us to product and latest prices.


Managing, protecting and restoring the environment are core to our business. If you require, planning, design and construction, turnkey development, environmental impact assessments or more holistic approach to achieving your social responsibility requirements WestAfricaENRG is uniquely placed to help you. Having worked globally on business transformation and environmental projects our team has a wealth of experience to draw on and apply to any given requirements.